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The Bible Miniseries:

"The Bible, the made-for-TV video, seeks to introduce a new generation to the Bible, the great book of the works of God. It does so with great passion, exquisite skill and cinemagraphic triumph. Through the lens of the producers of this telling of the greatest story we can see at times with sweeping scope and at other moments with touching detail how it is that the Bible remains the most significant book—the book of the Word of God.

The challenge of presenting in 10 episodes the whole of the Bible highlights how this unique book continues to be read in different ways through different lenses. Yet, the Bible is the norm that has guided countless generations and millions upon millions along the pathway that leads to God’s love. My hope is that this video presentation, The Bible, may bring alive its many stories in people’s minds and hearts so that they may be drawn to rediscover the Bible and rejoice in its saving message."

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

“We’re convinced of the life-changing power of God’s Word. The Bible mini-series will be the first such production promoted by the Assemblies of God.”

Sol Arledge, COO, Assemblies of God

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